iStock_000014664383MediumWe take a structured consulting approach that has proven solid results over the years. By using this detailed methodology, we are certain to cover each component and find the problems and develop the right solutions.

Gap Analysis

To improve any process, before you choose a best solution, you need to identify what needs to be done to meet this project’s objectives.  This is where the Gap Analysis we perform is so useful.  This tool helps us identify the gap between your current situation and the future state that you want to reach, along with the tasks that you need to complete to close this gap.  By conducting a Gap Analysis, we can identify what you need to do to “bridge the gap” and make your project a success or find the solution to your problem.

“You can’t correct a problem until you know what the real problem is”.

  • Documentation gap analysis
  • Process and measures
  • Audit gap analysis
  • Simplify and integrate
  • Proposal and action plan

Action Plan

  • Project management


  • Systems
    • Implification
    • Standardization
    • Integration
    • Processes
    • Sequence
    • Interaction
    • Impartiality
  • Documentation
    • Records
    • Forms
    • Lab scope
    • Proficiency tests
    • Measurement uncertainty
    • Documents
  • Training
    • Systems
    • Processes
    • Standard
    • Competency
  •  Verification
    • Validate
    • Effective
    • Implementation


  • Stage 1 pre-assessment
  • Stage 2 accreditation audit
  • Audit CAR Root Cause Analysis
  • Audit CAR Corrective Action
  • Audit CAR Closure

fm strives to understand your business, specifically your desire to remain one of the best in the industry. With this in mind, fm has a distinct advantage over other consulting firms as we only use RABQSA/IRCA/IATF certified auditors and/or industry experts.