doctorsPhysician Credentialing

Physician Credentialing is a process of formal recognition and attestation that a physician is both qualified and competent to provide services.   Credentialing verifies that a physician meets standards as determined by the health care institutions by reviewing such items as the individual’s license, experience, certification, education, training, malpractice and adverse clinical occurrences, clinical judgment, and character by investigation and observation.

Why opt for Credentialing Services?

Time and again new practices invest countless hours and money on office space, equipment, software and staffing only to find significant delays in getting adequate insurance reimbursements.   More often than not, the problem could’ve been allayed by addressing the physician credentialing process early and thoroughly – creating the necessary relationships with insurance carriers.  Effective physician credentialing services are the absolute necessity for better performance of the practice.  Without proper enrollment, payments can be delayed or refused by the insurance carriers, even if the physician is otherwise ready and able to provide services.

Different Payor’s have their own set of forms to be filled either online or through paper applications.  Time and again practices invest countless hours doing this or engage external resources at a very high cost.  With effective physician credentialing services, you can save time.

Why us?

We at fm Medical Billing offer physician credentialing services, being your first step to higher revenue.  Our tailor made physician credentialing services facilitate your payor enrollment process when you.

  • Begin the first practice after Med school
  • Change from one Practice to another
  • Adding New Physician to an existing Group
  • Want to become enrolled with a new PayerIAC-01-01

We at at fm Medical Billing help you by taking away all these hassles from you and also prevent delays & denials in getting your insurance reimbursements by providing complete physician credentialing services and making sure you get what is rightfully yours.

Our system is ICD 10 Ready