Our experienced and qualified inspectors can perform NDT on metals in sheet, rod or other forms, as well as on semi-finished and finished machine parts.  All inspection is done to required specifications by any of our several nondestructive testing methods.

A variety of steel, aluminum, steel alloys, and various other materials move through our facilities continuously.  They come in pre-form shapes, billet, bar and rod-and tubing forgings and machined parts as well. You can rely on our vast amount basic metals and testing experience to provide the best NDT services.

For transportation industry manufacturers and their suppliers, we work to assure the quality of materials in today’s cars and trucks.  Nondestructive testing of wheels, steering column shafts, structural forgings, and other components-and the stock they are made of- is performed.

Many companies use our services because of the variety of equipment sizes and capabilities as well as our years of experience.  You can depend on us for timely and dependable service.

If your forgings weigh ten thousand pounds, or just ten ounces, we can test it using liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, and/or ultrasonic inspection. Our shop and equipment can fulfill almost any inspection needed for forged parts.

Magnetic Particle
For inspection of ferromagnetic parts, to detect surface and near-surface discontinuities, we offer both fluorescent and non-fluorescent magnetic particle inspection using the wet continuous method. Our magnetic particle equipment can handle parts of virtually any size and configuration.

Our ultrasonic equipment is state-of-the-art, boasting three computerized ultrasonic systems.  The systems are capable of handling and testing products of almost any size. And it can handle any type or shape-bars, tubing, billets, performs, forgings and machined parts.

Resonant Inspection
In the world of manufacturing today, the potential liability of shipping a defective part can be catastrophic for you, your customer, and the consumer.  The NDT-RAM Resonant Acoustic Method system (per ASTM E2001-08) is designed to help you deliver fully inspected parts, economically and on time, giving you and your customer confidence in the quality of your parts.

Our Inspectors
Most of our inspectors are qualified to use all the above mentioned test units.  They have over 15 years of substantial expertise and experience to this field.

Our Partners
They go about meeting your nondestructive testing needs and inspection requirements competently, precisely and expediently.  They are approved by the majority of manufactures. Many customers have worked with them for more than 20 years because of the integrity of our service.  You can also trust the knowledge and experience of our inspectors-many have worked in nondestructive testing for many years-all are dedicated professionals. Constantly upgraded, our test equipment is modern, sophisticated, with the latest in computer technology.  Over the years, our equipment, together with our experienced personnel, has permitted us to develop innovative techniques to help solve difficult inspection problems. Accuracy, service, dependability-that’s our strength. We would like to meet with you and discuss any of your nondestructive testing needs or problems.  Call or write. We’ll respond quickly and courteously.

Technical Services
To assure that your NDT requirements are processed efficiently, we provide pre-inspection planning. All instructions, procedures, technical planning and coordination with inspection personnel can be completed before products or materials arrive.

Quality data, inspection plans, and other information, are tracked by a state-of-the-art computer system. Technical Services works with office and shop personnel to assure that complete and accurate instructions and information are available for your order as needed. Our office staff follows your project carefully from arrival to completion.